Thursday, 30 January 2014

How to download,Install and Register avast free antivirus for free

About Avast! free antivirus:

Avast! Free Antivirus is an efficient and comprehensive antivirus program. It is one of the most popular antivirus programs available, thanks to the reliable and trustworthy brand that Avast have created and it is free.Avast Free Antivirus is definitely one of the best free total security managers available.

Download Avast! Free Antivirus:

There are many ways to download Avast! Free Antivirus.But today I am going to show you how to download avast free antivirus with one click.Just go to the given link below.

How to install Avast! free Antivirus:

After downloading Avast.You need to install into your computer.It is very easy.Just follow the given steps below.
First: open the file that view downloaded.
Second: At first page click Next.

Third: At second page click next.If you want to install Avast with custom settings select custom installation
Four: Click next and then click finish.

How to register Avast:

After installing Avast you need to register it.To do this just follow the steps given below.
First: Open Avast Antivirus from notification area (just click on avast icon).
Second: Go to MAINTENANCE and Registration menu items and click register now button.
Third: Click on register button.
Four: Now the given image below will appear.
Five: Just type your name and email address and click Register for free license button.
Now your Avast Antivirus have registered.
Enjoy Avast free Antivirus and pray for me.
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